Connection block
In the "License key" field, enter the license number received after purchase. In the "API key" and "Secret API" fields, enter the exchange keys (in the key settings, when you create them on the exchange, be sure to set permission to trade for the futures section). The "Connect" button is used to connect to the exchange

Trading Robot Settings Block
This block contains direct settings for the trading robot. In the fields "Basket # 1" and "Basket # 2" select the elements of the two baskets that will trade against each other.

Items are selected from a list of all available contracts. The contracts in the baskets cannot overlap. To remove a contract from the list, select an empty contract.
1. "Position volume (in USDT)" we deposit the amount of the deposit (I recommend no more than 50%), which the trading robot evenly distributes between the contracts.
2. "Exchange leverage" the ability to specify the leverage on the exchange (relevant for accounts over 20,000 USDT) for accounts less than 20,000 USDT, set x50 and cross, for accounts less than 10,000 USDT, set x75 and cross (the more leverage the better), there will be the maximum possible leverage for the instrument

3. "Enter at discrepancy, %" indicate at what discrepancy between baskets the trading robot will enter the deal
4. "Close on profit, %" set at what profit to close positions
5. "Number of additional purchases" set the number of additional transactions, if the discrepancy still increases - thanks to this, you can increase the profit (additional purchases are carried out in both directions, when the bot in - additional purchases average the position, when the bot in + additional purchases increase the volume of positions)
6. "Buy through, %" Indicate the step of buying
7. "Martingale" F1 increases re-purchases (this is a progressive martingale, it increases the volume not of the last position, but the sum of all positions. Example: for martingale 1, buy 10$-10$-20$-40$-80$) this accelerates the exit to +
8. "Stop loss, $" F1 If you want to work with stop loss, check the box and enter the size in the field in $.

9. "Trailing" $ Turns on upon reaching TP

10. "Reverse" in this mode, the bot will go in the opposite direction, that is, you can enter the auction at the beginning of the discrepancy, and when the discrepancy increases, immediately go to +.

11. "Do not open a new position" if you do not want the trading robot to open a new deal, after closing the current one - check the box.

If there is a likelihood of a PC restart, add the trading robot to autorun and check the "Autorun" box
The "Start" button launches a trading robot (you must first specify the settings in the "Settings" block). To stop a trading robot, click the Stop button.

The Close All Positions button closes all open positions.
The button "Reset odds" is used to reset the odds, i.e. reduces portfolios to zero, returning to the original point. This can be used when changing the portfolio structure, or when, with the current portfolio, you want to start from scratch.
Block "Quotes"
This block displays quotes for both baskets with the current price change since the start of the trading robot

Block "Information"
In this block, the results of calculations and trading for the selected instruments are kept. The "Current spread" column shows the spread between baskets.

In the column "Shopping cart" and "Shopping cart", if there are no open positions, it is indicated that the trading robot now sees what is to buy and what is to sell. If there are open positions, then the trading robot shows what is bought and what is sold.
The column "P&L purchases, $" and "P&L sales, $" indicate the current unclosed profit in buy and sell deals, respectively. If there are no open deals, these fields will be empty.
In the "Unrealized P&L, $" column, the total P&L of the account is indicated.
The column "Estimated P&L, $" is the same as Unrealized P&L, but only for the current baskets.

The "Connection status" column indicates the current state of the connection, in normal mode it should be True. The "Ping" column displays the ping size on the exchange + the bot calculation speed (another indicator of the connection quality).

!!! change the settings when the bot is not in position, after changing the settings, be sure to reset the coefficient !!!